Great River Road Adventure and Discovery 75th Anniversary

What a beautiful road-trip, from the magnificent bluffs to the winding roads that cut along the Mighty Mississippi. We started in Prairie Du Chien and made it north to Prescott, over to the Saint Paul area to view the awesome fireworks show. Heading back down the Minnesota side with stops through Hastings, Red Wing & Winona MN.

It was like taking a step back in time, witnessing the massive size and depth of this area of the country. I had no idea how big this river is and the communities that thrive along its banks. When you are traveling the Great River Road the door to the world closes and yesterday opens up to you.SAMSUNG

Discovering these small towns along the way remind you of the way things used to be. We discovered so many “Greats”, where do you begin. From natural beauty to local merchants, the local people and their genuine hospitality, it was all there.

Of course, you want to learn all you can about the communities history and what makes one successful while another will struggle. You can see  areas that just thrive while others cannot take one more door closing. Do they share best practices in neighboring communities or is it survival of the fittest? As some of these small towns continue to struggle, RoadTripSavings is glad to be able to offer some help to these pioneers of main-street by offering Free Online2Offline marketing.

Keep Discovering

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