Bad Call makes good on small business

The recent call made by refs in the NFL has been drawing a lot of attention. How does that help small local business? Well, when you are given lemons, you make lemonade. News feeds have been reporting of local businesses being able to capitalize on the unfortunate event. From creating instant menu item specials to offering new costume designs relevantĀ  to the experience, small business went into action.

We should applaud the efforts and quick thinking of taking a situation and making it apply to your business or service. This type of action gives shows the strength of small business and their entrepreneurial ingenuity. Looking for an opportunity to advance, capture, and even role-play current events can benefit your business.

It wasn’t long after the call that the t-shirts started printing and action went into play. If you look to these happenings as opportunities, you can score a win for your business. Think about the role you can play in marketing your business to reach new customers. RoadTripSavings offers you that opportunity. Now get out there and show them what you have. I’m just glad it wasn’t with the Bears.

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