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Free Beer @ Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall 1920 S. 37th Street, in Milwaukee

Meet Andy Kochanski

We are so excited to showcase Andy Kochanski from Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall.

Website URL:

What Type of Business is it?

Where are you located?
We are at 1920 S. 37th Street , near W. Burnham St.

Can you describe the Concertina Beer Hall experience?

We’re a historic Milwaukee polka beer hall offering a one of a kind experience that harks back to the good old days of Milwaukee’s rich music history. We feature live polka, rockabilly, surf, etc., every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (matinee shows). Plus, we are now featuring one of Milwaukee’s largest outdoor beer gardens!

Best reason(s) to visit today?

Live music, excellent beer selection, good camaraderie and polka!

We understand you have one of the finest selections of Polish beers in town. So, besides, Tyskie, Warka, ?ywiec, and Okocim, are there any other Polish beers we should try?

Our selection of Polish beers on tap and in bottles is always changing. Stop by to see our latest offerings!

New Feature for Magic Jack (forward to your other phone)

Hmm, not sure if this is new or not but still is a pretty cool feature. If you have a cell phone with limited minutes in your plan but you also have unlimited incoming calls(by some providers) this is for you. So, MagicJack (MJ) allows you to enable a feature (forward) in your profile( to forward to another phone, like your cell phone. Well, if you have unlimited incoming calls and are using MJ, all your calls can be made with MJ and then forward/returned to your cell phone. The best thing is, your computer does not need to be on in order to forward the calls, as long as the forwarding feature is enabled. I was initially told that this only works as long as the computer is on. Hope this helps in saving you money to discover more locally.