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Welcome to the Road Trip Savings Blog

Road Trip Savings is a new website designed to help consumers find a way back to local businesses in their community.

We have all become accustomed to the idea that the best way for us to save is going to the big stores with the deepest discount.

Although that is true, did we miss something along the way?

What happened to the “Mom and Pops”?

Those local businesses off the beaten path that opened their doors to you for discovering along the way. You would stop along the road and find this place that you knew was unique to any other business out there. You would never have come across it unless something or someone drew you to it.

Road Trip Savings wants to put local businesses back on the map, radar, GPS, smart phone applications or whatever it takes (including These hidden gems, local Mom & Pop businesses that we like to discover got lost to big business with huge advertising budgets and its volume discounts. What happened to our element of wanting to discover when we travel?